Dave Mildrew

Dave Mildrew

Managing Director
Southern California

“It takes confidence, courage and compassion to build and mold a talented team. We know how to find leaders with those critical qualities.”

Dave has been a partner at BioQuest since 2001, where he has teamed with CEOs, senior executives and board members to find the right leaders for fast-growing healthcare organizations. His specialty is building leadership teams for emerging companies, with a mandate for fast growth.

With more than 30 years' experience in the healthcare industry, serving as a senior level operations and human resources executive for global corporations including Pfizer, Medtronic, CareMark, and Tokos Medical, Dave knows what it takes to build a great leadership team. He joined both CareMark and Tokos as VP Human Resources when the companies were in true start-up mode. In both cases, Dave played a key role in growing these organizations into large public companies. He was also instrumental in hiring the senior leaders who led IPOs and subsequent strategic acquisitions.

Dave served as a U.S. Navy surface warfare commissioned officer immediately after college and still remains devoted to the fitness training he learned in the Navy. He is also a soccer enthusiast and serves as club, league and facilities leader in his community's local youth soccer club.

Dave received his Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Science degree from George Washington University.